Hindraj Premium Tea

in Hindraj

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet after water. Premium tea is enjoying the spotlight today in ways unanticipated a few years ago.

Today, we are discovering how tempting and peculiar premium tea really is. Tea can be enticing, aromatic, sweet and fresh, earthy, rich, and full of vigor. Fabricating fine premium tea requires a skilled craft and a highly matured sense of perception for touch, taste, sight, and sound that cannot be replicated by machines.

Tea is as rich and elaborate as the subject of wine for those who choose to explore it in many layers. Fresh leaves are plucked in an instant, with a snap of wrist from bushes pulsing with the renewed energy of seasonal birth and growth. Under the vigilant gaze of a tea artisan, this leaf is rolled, shaped, and dried with care sealing in the flavor and aroma for unleash in the cup. Careful steeping unlocks the appetizing attributes of these leaves.

Indian tea’s story is romantic. Like all romances, it has a solid element of uncertainty, even randomness in the start and gradually you fall in love with every bit of it, making it into a inseparable bond. Check out the the story of how tea caught a foothold in India.

Tea lovers can count on tea for countless actions during the day from morning Me- time , long working hours to reading a book , virtual meetings at odd times during the night.

Each cup of tea brings a story. A story that unfolds it’s very roots i.e. the terroir of the plant nestle in the ground, to the people involved in processing it. The tea steeping into the teapots holds all the sweet freshness of the hills and the fragrance of earthy vigor which is inevitable.