Assam Premium Black Tea Bags - (1 box of 15 sachets)

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It has brisk, smokey, earthy, musky and strong to a lighter cup with chocolate, cocoa, or even sweet and spicy notes.

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  • A Premium Hindraj Product - Assam Tea is Hindraj's one of the most premium products and we assure to deliver 100% quality products to you.
  • Perfect for Mornings - Start your mornings with a hot cup of Assam Black Tea and obtain the needed boost. Assam Black tea is a strong tea and is known to have a high amount of caffeine. Hence, it is best had in the morning as a breakfast tea.
  • Malty and Aromatic - The traditional Assam Black Tea from Hindraj has a malty flavor, bright color, and savory aroma. A must-have black tea for tea lovers as it works as a “morning wake-up call.”
  • Boosts Immunity – Assam black tea has both antioxidants and minerals, both of which make your immune system stronger. This keeps the common cold or cough at bay.
  • Helps with Weight Loss / Fat Reduction – Studies have stated that regular intake of Assam ta may help with weight loss and fat reduction. Black tea prevents fat deposition in the body and helps you shed that extra weight.
  • Boosts Digestion – Add a dash of ginger when making Assam black tea, and you are indeed making a wonderful tea that can help you with various digestive symptoms. Have this after breakfast or 30 minutes after lunch for good digestion of food.
  • Good for Oral Health – Though the tea has high caffeine, Assam tea may also help deal with symptoms related to cavities and improves oral health.
  • Increases Energy – Assam black tea is high in caffeine content. This can thus increase the body's metabolism and boost your every level. The tea is mostly had in the morning to feel energetic throughout the day.
  • Sourced from the Best Tea Estates in Assam - Being one of our most premium products, it is sourced from the best tea estates in Assam.
  • Pure 100% Black Tea - No added spices or herbs, just 100% pure and refreshing Premium Black Tea.

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