Why is Tea Better Than Coffee

in Hindraj

Have you ever wondered if you are biased towards tea or coffee, or which is better? One of the common questions asked by both tea and coffee lovers is "tea better than coffee", and if the answer is a "yes" what are the reasons for it.

Tea is known to be an uniter. There is a well-known saying that anything can be solved over a cup of fresh, hot tea. Though coffee has taken over the choice of many people, there is a reason why tea is always considered to be better than coffee.

Let us look at the reasons why tea is preferred more than coffee.

Tea hydrates the body and replenishes the intake of fluids.

Coffee also helps with hydration, but tea provides an additional benefit. Tea without milk is just water and has the right flavour. So, when you sip hot or cold tea during summers, it can easily replace the fluids in your body that you might have lost due to excess sweat. Some also believe that special tea blends like green tea or chamomile tea are good for your body and skin.

Tea increases your energy levels and keeps you going

Many have an assumption that when served the same amount, coffee has more amount of caffeine when compared to tea. However, research shows that it is not true. Both tea and coffee are known to have the same amounts of caffeine, and both of the beverages are stimulants.

Coffee reduces energy and has a depressing effect whereas tea boosts your energy, and keeps you going throughout the day. So, if you are having a busy day, and want to boost your energy levels with a caffeine rush, make sure to choose tea over coffee.

Making tea is easier when compared to coffee

In today's modern world where everyone is quenched for time, making tea is much faster than coffee. If you love black tea, you can just take a cup of hot water, and place a teabag of your favourite blend. Just let it sit for a few minutes and your tea is already.

However, if you prefer instant coffee, you can easily make a cup of hot or cold coffee in just a few minutes for that instant relief. But, if gourmet coffee is not your thing, tea serves as a better choice.

Tea is filled with more antioxidants

We are all aware of the fact that antioxidants can keep us looking younger for longer, and prevent or delay the occurrence of wrinkles. Tea has a good number of antioxidants that can keep you fresh and help in feeling great.

Tea may help with weight loss

You may not have heard about this before, but special tea like green tea can help you shed some unwanted weight. With the use of green tea, you can improve your body metabolism and burn some fat. It is also a drink that is free of calories and can be consumed in place of soft drinks during summer. Even though you have an extra cup of two, you can do it guilt-free as you need not worry about calorie intake. 

Tea does not harm your teeth

Well, when compared to coffee, tea does not cause discoloration of the teeth, which is one of the most common side effects. If you consume a reasonable amount of tea, you need not worry about harming your teeth. Tea like coffee has fluoride in it, and taking a lot of tea can cause harm to your teeth in the long run.

Tea may make your bones stronger

Too much of anything can cause harm, and beverages like tea or coffee are no exception. A study conducted in Australia showed that people who consumed tea every day have much stronger bones than those who have coffee. Just having a cup of tea and not overdoing it can help with the healthy formation of bones. 

Tea can reduce stress

Most of us often reach out for a cup of tea or coffee when we are under stress or having a busy day. While is a known fact that tea or coffee reduces stress, experts suggest having tea as it not only refreshes your mind but can act as a mild anti-depressant as well. If you are feeling low and are looking for ways to elevate your mood, take a cup of hot tea. Matcha or green tea, lavender tea, or even chamomile tea helps with stress and anxiety.

Tea may also improve your immune system

While tea might not be of great help if you are suffering from a bad cold or flu, having a cup of nicely steeped tea can indeed boost the immune system. Studies have shown that having tea regularly improves the immune system of the body, and strengthens it for the next time. Some special tea blends like green tea, herbal tea, or chamomile tea can be taken from time to time to keep your body fit and fine.

You can have both tea and coffee without milk and can always reach out for a cup of tea to enjoy its benefits. Be it a regular leaf tea or green tea, a wide range of fresh and quality teas can now be purchased online.