Yoga and Tea - Your daily Fitness partners

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Yoga and tea are practiced and consumed over thousands of years but combining these two in your daily regime not only boosts your physical health but also mental health. 

Right before the advanced session of yoga if one consumes black tea with lemon in it, the whole session would not only be energetic but also rhythmic as you fluid from one asana to the other. Drinking tea and integrating this as a habit in your routine has proven various scientific benefits like hydrating the body, boosting immunity, better heart, and brain health, improving digestion, reducing stress, and so on.

What you should have on hot summer yoga days and on the days of yoga stretches?

On a hot summer day for practicing yoga, one can choose Peppermint tea as it cools the mind by creating cool sensations in the brain cells and therefore calms the body. Different teas target different body parts and work wonders if you choose a particular tea for the target areas. People before the relaxing session of yoga stretches and poses can consume caffeine-free Chamomile tea as it is a golden brew of blooming pure dried chamomile flowers. It relaxes the body and calms the mind. It has proven to improve Insomnia, reduce stress, blood pressure, menstrual pain, cure anxiety.

What you should have for deep meditation sessions?

Green teas have complex compositions full of active minerals and healthy fusion offering great benefits. It activates the body cells receptors and encourages them to achieve better and with the holistic approach, it motivates the brain for optimistic mindfulness. The calming quality offered by green tea makes it so smooth for better focus and deep meditation. Tea has always been enjoyed for its quality and experience but more health awareness has made it so visible that tea has unraveled various health benefits.

What to drink post a hectic and tiring Yoga session

Post yoga session one might think of a protein shake or fresh fruit juice! A drink to rejuvenate the body and refresh the mind has to be tea focusing on Yoga might not sound that tiring but if one is working with advanced asanas, one will agree how much strength it takes and how tiring it can get. Hindraj hibiscus tea is a perfect amalgamation of hibiscus flowers known for its abundant benefits, Indian herbs, and spices that are nature’s gift to us along with green tea. This blend is perfect for relaxing the body parts and refreshing the mind.

Yoga and Tea for glowing skin

Just like yoga, tea has been proven to remove free radicals and toxins from the body thus making it even youthful and glowing from inside. The increased oxygen supply within the body due to lack of toxins makes the blood cleaner and consistent blood flow ensures increased mobility and better functioning. Practicing Pranayama and post that a cup of green tea exhibits enormous visible results. At many places these days, post the yoga session tea is served. Green tea, spiced black tea, and herbal teas are the most famous and high in demand.

What to have for body aches and muscle pain after yoga or workout session

Flavonoids present in tea have a diverse composition of phytonutrients. It re-energizes your body from within. The stiffness in the body after an intense yoga session needs a hot calming cup of green tea. The spices and herbs present in our Hindraj green tea focus on body aches and muscle stiffness and cramps. Green tea, black pepper, ginger, and tulsi all individually are having the immense capability to work wonders on various ailments. So, coming together along with green tea it’s a powerhouse for fighting any infection in the body, easing against any muscle pain, stiffness, curing sore throat, boosting immunity, removing toxins, fighting the signs of aging, reducing stress, promotes glowing skin and dense hair.

Yoga and Tea - Benefits of Tea before and after Yoga

Yoga and Tea - Here you find the health benefits of tea before and after a yoga session with Hindraj tea. The combination comes with lots of benefits. have a look