What Herbal Tea is best for you

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Tea is one of such drinks that we consume almost daily. Some people love to have one cup a day, while some tea fanatics love to have tea numerous times a day. Basically, tea is a healthy drink, and according to physicians, there is no harm in having tea 4-5 times a day. Drinking tea benefits our body from several aspects. It is a rejuvenating drink that can embrace you with energetic charms. Get spur of energy with a cup of tea, and the good thing is you can have a cup of tea according to your wish. Ample tea recipes are there.

Types of Tea

Different countries produce different types of tea. In Asia and the world, India is one of the biggest tea producers, which boast of producing fine quality Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. In China, tea is also produced in high quality, and Oolong tea is one of the famous Chinese tea versions. Tea can be classified in several ways. Based on geographic conditions, the taste of tea varies, while based on different kinds of processing, tea can also be categorized.  Here is an insight into the most famous types of teas throughout the world:

White Tea: White tea has been produced from the young buds of the plants. It is unfermented and un-oxidized. White tea has been considered good for health, with essential minerals and vitamins in offering consumers.

Green Tea: Green Tea is probably the most precious tea. It is expensive but healthy. It has been known to be an excellent fat-burning agent for our body.

Black Tea: Black tea is the commonest variety of tea, processed by fermentation of the loose tea leaves. It contains a high percentage of caffeine.

Any type of tea can be converted into herbal tea. Some manufacturers sell tea with a mixture of dry herbs. Along with the tea leaves, they mix dried herbs to enhance the taste and aroma. At the same time, such teas become healthier. On the other hand, you can prepare herbal tea with fresh herbs at your home. Add fresh herbs such as mint and basil to the tea at the time of brewing, and a cup of fresh herbal tea will be prepared.

Why Is Herbal Tea Different From Regular Teas?

Amongst several tea variations, herbal tea is a new addition. Herbal tea is considered less processed tea, coupled with some natural flavors of flowers or fruits. Herbal teas can also be called organic teas as they are produced in organic farms.  This makes herbal tea reasonably different from other kinds of tea. If you have not tasted herbal tea yet, it is evident that you have plenty of questions regarding this kind of tea.

Regular tea that we use to drink contains a high amount of caffeine. It is not that caffeine is bad for health, but too much consumption may lead to different kinds of side effects. During the fermentation process of tea, caffeine has been added. On the other hand, herbal tea endorses the least fermentation processing, and thus it naturally contains all the natural elements and a lesser amount of caffeine.

Herbal teas can be classified in different styles or categories according to the flavors. You will find both fruit tea and flower tea. Due to its flavor, herbal tea becomes more aromatic and refreshing than regular tea. From hibiscus to lemongrass, you will find plenty of flavors according to the flavors. The prices of such tea vary depending on the uniqueness of taste and aroma.

Advantages of Drinking Herbal Tea

The presence of all-natural ingredients makes it healthier than other tea. Herbal tea helps curb excessive body fats, heart diseases, skin dryness, aging marks, etc. Organic herbal tea is the best thing for your health. Such tea can boost the immune system of a person. Being naturally produced in organic farms, organic herbal tea is higher priced than regular teas. However, the salient health benefits of herbal tea make it worthy.

Some Unique Herbal Tea Recipes

If you are a tea lover, you must be surprised to know that there are more than hundreds of tea recipes. Different people have their methods of preparing tea. Some people like black tea, while others love white tea. Taste varies, and also the types of tea leaves also vary a lot. For example, you will get three kinds of tea quite commonly in the marketplace. The first type of tea is long and medium leaf tea.

The second type of tea is not leafy but a little dusty in terms of look. This kind of tea is considered to be ideal for preparing milk and masala tea. The third type of tea is green tea, a leafy tea that possesses distinctive fragrances and tastes. Green tea is known for its curative values and fat-burning abilities. Green tea mixed with various herbs produces herbal green tea.

Different types of tea can be consumed in different forms. There are some fantastic recipes for producing tea. Here is a guide to a few typical tea recipes.

Tulsi Tea: This is entirely an Indian recipe with immense health benefits. Tulsi leaves are considered herbal leaves, having a strong impact on our respiratory system. It helps to get rid of common cough and colds as well as many other lung-related infections. Tulsi leaves, and freshly prepared tea are an excellent combination indeed.

Moroccan Mint Tea: Just like Tulsi tea of India, Moroccans have invented mint tea. Black tea and mint leaves create a fantastic odor as well as tasteful ecstasy.

Masala Tea: Yet another Indian tea recipe, which is prepared with typical Indian spices. You can use spices like cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaf, black pepper, etc. According to the use of the spices, drinks have been named. For example, tea prepared with cinnamon is called cinnamon tea.

Apart from these, you would also find some other popular tea recipes, like lemongrass tea, vanilla tea, ice tea, etc. Drinking herbal tea regularly or occasionally keeps your body energetic. At the same time, it prevents significant health risks such as stroke, blood pressure irregularity, heart diseases, and many more.