Organic Tea vs Regular Tea

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There was a time when everything used to be organic. But, modern farming technology has changed a lot of things. Farming has become more productive, though food quality has deteriorated due to chemicals in the farming process. Harmful synthetic fertilizers are not good for health, though they can efficiently help the vegetables to grow.

Keeping the health factor in mind, organic farming has become a matter of discussion recently. People want to choose organic products for health safety. On the other hand, people also think that organic foods come with more nutritional value. While organic vegetables and grains are easily available in the marketplace, organic tea is not popular.

Most tea brands offer non-organic tea to buyers. However, it does not mean organic tea is rare to find these days. Many tea manufacturing, processing, and selling companies have introduced arrays of organic tea products. Find the benefits of organic tea in the following section.

The History of Tea

The origin of tea - Drinking tea is traditional throughout the world, and it will not be an exaggeration to claim that tea is the most popular beverage in the world. According to historians, drinking tea became popular among the Chinese around 5000 years ago. In ancient China, tea was not a refreshing beverage, and people used to consume tea for its medicinal value.

Ancient Chinese scriptures reveal that tea is prescribed to boost the immune system of people. Drinking tea was a common habit to stay protected from viral fevers and flu. Moreover, tea gives a good skin texture and strong hair roots. Drinking tea will keep you young for a long time.

What Is Organic Tea?

Tea was not harvested when people started consuming tea. The tea trees naturally grew in the wild, and people started collecting tea leaves from those trees. As tea soon became popular due to its medicinal values, people started harvesting tea in the gardens.

Nowadays, tea has been harvested in two ways: organic and non-organic. For organic tea farming, no synthetic chemicals are used. Organic tea planting depends on a few major principles. Find those tea harvesting principles in the following section.

No synthetic pesticides should be used for organic tea farming.

Organic tea should go through a natural fermentation process.

Organic tea production should not use industrial machinery.

Manually processed and packaged organic tea is the best-quality tea.

How to Recognize Organic Tea?

The differences between organic and non-organic products are difficult to recognize. In stores, you can compare organic and non-organic vegetables. If you are experienced, you can recognize organic vegetables by their color and shape. But, the same strategy does not apply to tea. For recognizing organic tea, people check the flavor of the tea. Find a few tips to identify differences between organic and non-organic tea.

Aroma: In non-organic tea, artificial aromatic perfumes have been used. Due to the use of these perfumes, non-organic tea appears more aromatic. Thus, organic tea will not be top-notch in terms of aroma, and the fragrance will be mild and natural.

Taste: Organic tea should taste fresh and refreshing. In terms of taste, it is difficult to find differences between organic and non-organic tea. However, experienced tea lovers may understand the small difference in freshness in taste.

Color: Organic tea appears lighter in color. However, it depends on the tea that you have purchased. Organic black tea can be as dark as non-organic black tea. But, organic green tea may be a shade lighter in color than non-organic green tea.

Is Organic Tea Healthier?

Eating or drinking organic food is good for health, though organic items bring a few health risks. The same thing applies to organic tea. While it comes with arrays of health benefits, it also features a few health risks. Find the health risks of organic tea first.

Organic pesticides and herbicides can be harmful too.

Inorganic manure, the presence of bacteria, and mycotoxin is health concern.

Many organically grown tea leaves are not always organically processed.

The risk of adulteration is also there with organic tea.

If you keep these downsides of organic tea aside, you can find arrays of health benefits of organic tea. In the following section, find those health benefits.

Refreshing Taste

Organic tea tastes more refreshing than non-organic tea. Nevertheless, the aroma is mild and natural. For all these reasons, organic tea brings better stress relief than non-organic tea. If you drink tea to heal stress and feel relaxed, organic tea is a must-try thing.

Blood Pressure Control

Tea is known for controlling blood pressure irregularity. If you drink a cup of tea daily, you will find relief from high blood pressure problems. Today, many people become victims of high blood pressure. The reason behind the high BP is stress. Since you have to undergo a stressful schedule, your body does not get the rest it deserves. Therefore, blood pressure irregularity happens. Frequent blood pressure problems increase the risk of heart diseases.

Improved Immune System

A healthy immune system is essential to stay fit and protected from seasonal diseases. Many people suffer from common coughs and colds, and drinking tea can heal such problems. Nevertheless, tea offers long-term relief from such diseases by improving the immune system. The presence of various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants makes tea healthier.

Good for Losing Weight

Drinking tea is good for losing weight. If you drink tea daily, you will get relief from obesity. Gaining weight is a common thing for many people, and poor dietary habit is the major reason. Drinking tea will bring relief against overweight or obesity.

Managing Diabetes

Keeping the sugar level under control is important for everyone. Otherwise, you will develop diabetes. A diabetic person may suffer from different kinds of health risks. Drinking tea is a good habit for diabetic people, as tea reduces the risk of diabetes.

If you want to obtain the health benefits of drinking tea, you should buy organic tea. Drinking organic tea gives you a more refreshing feeling, and at the same time, it brings many health benefits.