Health Benefits of Drinking Earl Grey Tea

in Hindraj

Beginning the day with a cup of tea is something that every person enjoys. Many people, especially the ones who work relentlessly throughout the day, may not stay away from drinking tea daily. There are different brands and types of tea available, and one such is Earl Grey. Highly fragrant, delicate, and spritzed with the hint of Bergamot, Earl Grey comes under the category of highly sophisticated tea blends. Earl Grey is often produced using black tea leaves as the basis, but it is elevated with bergamot and a citrus fruit touch.

Earl Grey was an aristocratic tea, as the name implies. The name comes after British Prime Minister Charles Grey and is said to be a popular brew for special events. However, adding bergamot to a black tea base was traditionally considered a technique to mask weak tea quality. In general, English tea is prepared using black tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis; Earl Grey is a blend of green tea and oolong. Some tea drinkers like their Earl Grey with a splash of milk, while others like it with a slice of lemon. Earl Grey carries a good amount of caffeine concentration, similar to any other cup of black tea. However, the concentration is quite less than a cup of coffee. So if you want to cut down on your coffee intake and like something that is not only rich in taste but offers good health benefits, then Earl Grey Tea is the one you should start your day with.

Let us now check some of the health benefits Earl Grey tea comes with:

Earl Grey leaves are high in antioxidants and have the backing of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which is high in polyphenols, and flavonoids. From essential minerals to vitamins, the ingredients used in Earl Grey are significant in terms of health benefits. Some of the benefits of Earl Grey are mentioned below:

Charging Your Energy

Earl Grey can save the day for those who find it hard to get out of bed without sipping coffee. One of the reasons is that Earl Grey carries less caffeine than the usual cup of coffee; you can get that boost without feeling nervous.

Excessive intake of coffee is known for dehydrating the body. However, Earl Grey keeps you hydrated due to its high potassium level and capacity to regulate water in the body. However, because bergapten in bergamot oil is a potassium channel blocker, drinking too much, Earl Grey can negate this.

Helps to Boost Your Brain

Some people face brain slug issues as the day passes. In such a situation, sipping Earl Grey is considered the best option. Thanks to the amino acid L- theanine, it helps keep your focus intact throughout the day because it is made from black tea leaves. L-theanine can increase alpha energy in your brain, resulting in staying more focused and the ability to digest information comfortably.

Healthy Heart

By incorporating a couple of cups of Earl Grey into your routine, you can reduce LDL cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and avoid heart disease. One cannot rule out the benefits of bergamot extract on rats with elevated cholesterol levels. Bergamot extract was discovered to help lower LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL cholesterol.

Cancer Prevention Tool

Earl Grey, like other teas, contains a lot of antioxidants, which assist our bodies in fighting off free radicals that cause diseases like cancer. As a result, consuming a pleasant beverage may increase your chances of avoiding such ailments. However, ensure you sip only a limited amount of Earl Grey daily.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be strongly associated with Earl Grey tea. This is primarily because of the citrus extract. As a result, many individuals assume that citrus fruits, in general, can cause weight loss. Calories are usually broken down into nourishment for your muscles or released naturally using a metabolic process. Instead of milk or sugar, try using lemon in your next cup of tea.

Less Anxiety

People usually drink coffee because it helps reduce anxiety, but the same goes with Earl Grey. You can drink a cup of Earl Grey tea daily or when you feel stressed out. You will experience less stress, and you can focus more on your work. One of the reasons is the citrus bergamot ingredient in Earl Grey.

Builds Healthy Teeth

Earl Grey has a good reputation when it comes to good teeth. It carries catechin, known for healing benefits, including the ability to help the body fight against oral infection. Furthermore, it is known to fight against decay and protect teeth against cavities. It is indeed the most exciting benefit tea can give you.


You can buy the pack of Earl Grey tea online from a brand like Hindraj that offers the best quality tea. Like this, one can enjoy many more benefits from a daily Earl Grey drink. Packed with natural ingredients, including Earl Grey in your daily tea consumption, will certainly help you have good health.